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Product care


Hydroponic plants 

  • We use the glass vases and clean water to create Agape plants, needs to be handled with extreme care to avoid cracks and accidental damages.
  • Plants needs plenty of indirect bright lights – no direct sunlight.
  • Maintain the water level enough to keep the roots soaked.
  • Clean the vase when necessary to keep the beauty and clarity.
  • we use stone pebbles for decorations, do not drop them in the vase when replacing; gently place them.


Aquaponic – Fish care

  • Feed the fish with very small amounts daily
  • Remove 2/3 of water once in every 3-4 weeks and refill the vase with clean water- use water conditioner if using the tap water.
  • Make sure the water temperature identical. Best to keep the weather in the vase unchanged for the better health of the fish.
  • Full cleaning can be done by transferring the fish gently to another vase with part of the same water.


Terrarium care

  • Your closed terrarium is a mini ecosystem.
  • Placement of terrariums- your terrariums will thrive and be happy in a well lit room away from direct sunlight and when occasionally rotated.
  • When to water your terrarium can be determined by appearance of condensation on the side of the glass.
    Condensation on the inside of the glass occurs due to the humid environment created by the substrate layers and allows the terrarium to water itself.
  • Over watering will cause the plants to rot and die.
  • If the walls are completely fogged and dripping you will need to leave the lid off for a day and let some fresh air in and allow some water to evaporate as it is too wet.
  • when you do add water, do so in small amounts at a time, since there is no place for the surplus water to drain.
  • Its best to water with a misting spray bottle. Spray the terrarium only a few times and then replace the lid and observe the condensation levels on the glass for another day.


***** Enjoy your Agape home green decor *****




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